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The Best Quality in The World in Your Hands


Introduction to Lasotronix

  • Vast range of applications - wide variety of therapy accerosies included

  • Shortest treatment time - the most powerful laser

  • Expandable database of predefined therapy protocols which can be modified and assigned to a patient

  • Lowest operating costs

  • Properly selected wavelengths and different powers: 980nm, 15W/30W; 1470nm, 15W; 1940nm, 6W

What’s so great about Lasotronix?

Our mission is to simplify treatment in particular developing devices that improve and facilitate the work of health professionals, brings additional value to both patients & doctor.

Our mission is particularly close to our hearts: to enable first-line professionals to establish an effective treatment without serious consequences.

Applications of the Lasotronix

The best and the most lightweight surgical laser diode to enter the global medical device scene, the Lasotronix Smart M laser diode uses cutting edge technology to perform various medical procedures such as proctological , varicose vein , cosmetic gynaecology ,Lipolysis, ENT, PLDD and so on to obtain the best results in the least amount of time WITH MINIMAL INVASIVE PROCEDURES Using cutting edge laser technology, the Lasotronix laser diode provides results with least side effects and almost no pain in the post-operative.

Why Lasotronix


 Lasotronix Products

 Lasotronix Training

  • Lasotronix training conducted by some of the most renowned laser surgeons.

  • Practical hands-on training to handle multiple and diverse situations along with tips and techniques.

  • International training standards.

  • Focused training session with only 5 to 7 surgeons.

  • Detailed training and reference material covering all the aspects of laser treatment.

  • Credible certificate of participation after completing the training from the experts in France, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.


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